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Tuesday, 19 October 2010

The new Brandeis bonus cd 'Columbia Performance Series'

Really pleased with this release, which came as a bonus disc with initial copies of the new 'Mono' box set.
Not a 'heavy' earth-shattering release with money spent on promos, T.V. Adverts, magazines, a 30 page booklet, a deluxe velvet lined box, a number in the bootleg series, super-remastering or a free bumper sticker.

Just a nice little thing to have.

More of this kind of thing please Sony, with future releases.

These 'In Concert' discs are kind of line a mini-bootleg series for fans.

Hopefully after this Brenedis 1963 and Carnegie Hall from 1963 the next one will be the Royal Festival Hall 1964.

I think the principal of these 'little' releases as bonus discs is a good idea, and gives an oppotunity for more than one 'Live 1963' recording to be officially released for the more dedicated fan. Wouldn't it be commercially bad news for the average consumer (and Sony) to go into their record shop and have 3 different 'Bob Dylan: Live 1963' releases (with many tracks repeated) starting at them from the shelves?

EDIT: Anyone else notice that this is being reffered to as 'Columbia Performance Series' on the sleeve?
The only other item I can find that's been reffered to as such is the "Other Side Of The Mirror" Newport DVD.
Thanks to Jeff Gold for finding this recording! If you haven't read him Blog, do so - fascinating stuff. There's a link to the right ->

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  1. I came to this blog when I was searching for 'Columbia Performance Series' as I'd seen that phrase on the Other Side Of The Mirror Blu-ray. Interesting blog, and I agree with you, I wonder what else Columbia/Sony have up their sleeve for release on this series, as a low-cost alternative to the Bootleg Series. The potential is almost endless!