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Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Berkeley 1965 soundboard

Following on from the recent discovery of the Fantasy Records Acetate, which was made by cheif engineer David Turner (Job Number 77182 (stereo)), there was mention at the time (2004) that Fantasy Records also held a (reel to reel?) live recording of a Bob Dylan performance from Berkeley Community Theatre, 4th December 1965, but no further information was available.

It's believed that this passed to the Concord Music Group -

following the merger with Fantasy Records in 2004.

This is not currently circulating, nor is there any furhter information to authenticate this.

EDIT: Thanks to R_C on the Watchtower board for pointing out that in fact we have had the electric part of Berkeley for some time, either as an nth generation board or stage recording of some sort. The assumption is that this version that we don't have is first or 2nd generation and complete with both acoustic/electric halves of the show.

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  1. I should point out that the original desription of this as a 'soundboard' or on stage recording came from The Telegraph fanzine at the time. Obviously this is a highly dubious attribution, and it's far more likely an audience recording.

    I'm assuming the tape I'm talking about ISN'T the same source tape as the tracks we have (electric half only) and is a proper Soundboard.