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Monday, 13 April 2009

What's Real and what is not

Welcome to my new blog!

The items listed here may or may not see the light of day, they are simply listed here as
an indication of what is currently rumoured to exist out there at the moment.
If anyone has any further information, can set up a trade, knows of something not listed here, or has a tape of interest along similar lines to what's listed here in their
posession, please contact me here

Last updated:
13th April 2009


Thanks for assistance with these pages - Les Kokay, Bill Laing, the late Pete Baker, Roberto and not forgetting Jonathan (of course).

The information here is just that: for information purposes. I don't have any rare recordings myself, nor am I implying that anyone directly conected me does either. Just sharing what I know.

The Missing Shows

you have any of these, as audience or soundboard
recordings, let us know

1 Nov 75, North
Darmouth, Massachusetts

2 Nov 75, Lowell, Massachusetts

15 Nov 75, Niagra Falls, New York (afternoon)

29 April 76, Mobile, Alabama (afternoon show)

3 May 76, New Orleans, Louisiana (afternoon show)

10 May 76, Corpus Christi, Texas

12 May 76, Austin, Texas

15 May 76, Gatesville, Texas

25 May 76, Salt Lake City, Utah

28 Mar
78, Perth, West Australia
says - "This show, although widely reported,
didn’t actually take place, I understand."

24 Oct 78, Louisville, Kentucky

6 Nov 78, Denver, Colorado

11 Jan 80, Portland, Oregon

12 Jan 80 ,Portland, Oregon

15 Jan 80, Seattle, Washington

17 Jan 80, Spokane, Washington

18 Jan 80, Spokane, Washington

12 May 80, Providence, Rhode Island

17 Feb 86, Perth, West Australia

25 Feb 91 Guadalajara, Mexico

27 Feb 91 Guadalajara, Mexico

1 Mar 91 Mexico City, Mexico

2 Mar 91 Mexico City, Mexico

6 Nov 92 Gainesville, FL

22 Feb 94 Kuala Lumpur

26 Feb 94 Hong Kong - Rumoured to exist - not

2 Feb 96 Phoenix, AZ - Private show

29 Oct
96 Oklahoma City, OK - Rumoured to exist - not

4 April 98 Buenos Aires, Brazil

5 April 98 Buenos Aires

7 April 98 Porto Alegre

11 April 98 Rio de Janerio

15 April 98 Santiago, Chile

30 Aug
98 Townsville, Aust

15 Oct 98 Calgary, Canada

16 Oct 98 Edmonton, Canada

18 Oct 98 Saskatoon, Canada

20 June 99 Anaheim - only a partial tape is

26 June
99 Las Vegas - exists but does not circulate

31 July 03 Atlanta, GA


1997 "Rehearsals"
Rumoured to be out there somewhere...No
further information at present.

Dave Bromberg Sessions -
Slightly more information now. A 4-track 'sampler'
was put out. Sadly, it now seems that no more of a
complete tape will be forthcoming, despite it's
existance being known. Here's some session
information which I compiled a while back, taken from
ISIS magazine:

ISIS #85
TWM 1462: 4248 9th May 1999 Page 9


These sessions with Dave Bromberg, have not been
mentioned in this column for some time, so here are
the various references: 2359, 2362, 2366, 2378 and

The musicians on these sessions included a horn
section of: Peter Ecklund (trumpet), Curtis Linberg
(trombone) and John Firmin (tenor saxaphone and
claranet). The rhythm section consisted of: Butch
Amiot (bass), Chris Cameron (keyboards) and Richard
Crooks (drums), who also played on 'Blood On the
Tracks'. Other musicians were: Jeff Wisor (fiddle and
mandolin), Dick Fegy (mandolin) and Glenn Lowe
(guitar). These are in addition to Dave Bromberg, of
course.There was a choir, as previously reported, but
this was only for one of the sessions. Also, a zydeco
accordian player came in for one song; this was NORTH
EAST TEXAN WOMAN. This title adds to previous
information, as do a few others below.

A number of chicago blues songs were done, mainly
Muddy waters material, as well as some Jimmie Rogers
material, such as MISS THE MISSISSIPPI AND YOU, and
some Dave Bromburg songs, such as KAATSKILL SERENADE
and SLOPPY DRUNK. HEY JOE was a warm-up song and, as
previously reported, POLLY VAUGHN was recorded.
Dylan, who drove out from Los Angeles in a
"truck" (prehaps a camper van?), is quoted
as saying, at one session, 'I've made too many
records". Dylan was looking for a
"live" sound, that is, all the musicians
playing together at one time in the same room. For at
least some of the recordings, the musicians sat in a
circle in the studio to record, including Dylan.
Though not too talkative, Dylan did hang out a bit
with the session musicians and the crew.

Ian Woodward.


13265 Acme Recording

Chicago, Illinois

Early/Mid June 1992

Produced by David Bromberg.

1. I'll Rise Again (trad.)

2. Nobody's Fault But Mine (Blind Willie Johnson)

3. LadyCame From Baltimore (trad.)

4. Polly Vaughan (trad.)

5. Casey Jones (trad.)

6. Duncan And Brady (trad.)

7. Kaatskill Serenade (David Bromberg)

8. World Of Fools (David Bromberg)

1-2, 4-8 Bob Dylan (vocal & guitar) backed by
David Bromberg (guitar) and his band.

2 Bob Dylan (vocal) and David Bromberg (acoustic

1-2 Chicago South Side Gospel Choir

Note. No known recording in general circulation from
this session.


Mix, November 1992.

Clinton Heylin: The Recording Sessions 1960-1994. St.
Martins Press 1995, pp. 189– 91.

Clinton Heylin: Bob Dylan: Behind The Shades. Take
Two. Viking 2000, pp. 672–673.

Session info updated 26 February 1993.


these are the tracks known to have been recorded -

North East Texas Woman

2. Miss The Mississippi & You

3. Kaatskill Serenade

4. Sloppy Drunk

5. Polly Vaughn

6. I'll Rise Again

7. Nobody's Fault But Mine

8. Lady Came From Baltimore

9. Casey Jones

10. Duncan & Brady

11. World Of Fools

omitted 'Hey Joe' from the list since it was
described as a 'warm up' and may or may not have been

Thanks to Emily for correcting some of the band
member's names, and my spelling of 'Kaatskill
Serenade'! ;-)

Complete tape, anyone...?

Shelton Interviews Bob Dylan
- A
collector has these and is apparently hanging on to
them until he can get a trade for another new tape.

Paris 1966 Audience Tape -
Long rumoured, most likely exists. Hasn't turned up

Additional 1974 'Blood On
The Tracks' outtakes
- Including takes
of 'Idiot Wind'. Mentioned but can't get anymore
information at present.

Real and What Is Not

The following information is gathered
from a various sources, though mainly it's from
Michael Krogsgaard's 'Positively Bob Dylan' book.
Here's a list of material known to have been
recorded, but which for the most part is unavailable
to collectors.

- All concerts were recorded by Bob Dylan's crew, and
some (Plymouth October 31, Providence November 4,
Springfield November 6, Worcester November 19,
Cambridge November 20, Boston November 21 evening,
Montreal December 4, Clinton December 7 and others)
were filmed.

1976 - All shows were
recorded and some (f.i. Clearwater April 33 and Ft.
Collins May 23) were filmed by Bob Dylan's crew.

Far East Tour 1978 (20th
Feb-1st April) All concerts recorded by Bob Dylan's
crew on 2-track 1/2", except Budokan Hall,
February 28 and March 1, which were recorded on
16-track 2".

Los Angeles/European Tour 1978
(1st June-15th July) All concerts recorded by Bob
Dylan's crew on 2-track 1/2".

American Tour 1978 (15th
Sept-16 Dec) All concerts recorded by Bob Dylan's
crew on 4-track 1/4", using two Pioneer RT-707
tape machines.

1984 - All shows from Paris
July 1 and on were recorded on multitrack by The
Rolling Stones Mobile Unit.

1987 - The four shows at
Wembley Arena (14,15,16,17 Oct) were recorded with
multitrack equipment

The Stephen Pickering Collection

recently got hold of a second hand copy of Paul
Cable's book, "The Unreleased Recordings".
I've found it a fascinating read. This came out in
1979/80 - before 'The Telegraph'. before 'Biograph'
& 'The Bootleg Series', before the internet and
really organised tape trading. One of the most
fascinating things for me is on page 140- where Cable
mention's the Stephen Pickering collection -


It is rumoured that Stephen Pickering, the author,
claims to have in his collection the following items:

Dylan demos of "Love Is Just A Four Letter
Word", "Farewell Angelina" and
"Wanted Man";

"Planet Waves" outtakes of "Except
You" and "Forever Young";

A Canadian TV request programme.

"Billy The Kid" out-takes including
"Holly's Song and "Pico's Blues";

"New Morning" outtakes including
"Jamaica Farewell" and "Take A Letter
To Mary";

Dylan singing Hebrew religious songs;

The whole of a '66 Australian concert in excellent
sound quality;

A Dylan-Grateful Dead session reckoned to have taken
place in 1972;

Some additional "Blood On The Tracks"
outtakes with Eric Clapton;

"Desire" outtakes including "Golden
Loom" and "Seven Days"

Some of these, like the Grateful Dead session and
"Jamaica Farewell",

have been talked about for a long time now. It is
conceeded by some collectors that Pickering could
well be in posession of all these tapes; others think
he's living in a fantasy world. In an interview with
Dark Star magazine Joan Baez said that Dylan had
never made recordings of "Farewell
Angelina" or "Love Is Just A Four Letter


In 1980, a collector looking at that list of stuff
mght well have thought that Pickering was indeed
living in a fantasy world. Looking at it now though,
it seems like he's spot on.

Baez was wrong, "Farewell Angelina" was
recorded, we now know, since it was released on The
Bootleg Series.

"Planet Waves" outtakes of "Except
You" and "Forever Young" have turned
up on "Biograph" and "The Bootleg

A Canadian TV request programme = Quest 1964

"Billy The Kid" out-takes including
"Holly's Song and "Pico's Blues". Yep.

Some additional "Blood On The Tracks"
outtakes with Eric Clapton. I'll bet this is the
recording from Eric's birthday where they did
"Idiot Wind".

"Desire" outtakes including "Golden
Loom" and "Seven Days". Yep.

The whole of a '66 Australian concert in excellent
sound quality. Well that's a bit vague, but we have
got stuff along those lines.

So that leave only a few. Clinton Heylin is also said
to have "Love Is Just A Four Letter Word",
so I'd bet that's correct. "Wanted Man" is
anyone's guess. It wouldn't surprise me though. We
thought there's no way "Farewell Angelina"

"New Morning" outtakes including
"Jamaica Farewell" and "Take A Letter
To Mary" - In 'The Recording Sessions' Heylin
mentions the bass player having an Acetate of
'Jamaica Farewell' made up. A 9 min. recording as
well. I think that's likely correct. If Pickering has
that, I guess he could have additional stuff from
these sessions as well.

"Dylan singing Hebrew religious songs"
& "A Dylan-Grateful Dead session reckoned to
have taken place in 1972" well who knows? Given
the fact that most of this list has surfaced, it
could well be true...

Anyone know where Pickering is now? :-)

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