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Monday, 13 April 2009

Welcome to 'Skipping Reels Of Rhyme'


There's a lot of information out there about Bob Dylan's recording sessions, most notably from Clinton Heylin and Michael Krogsgaard. It always struck me though how little is known publicly about what live material is officially recorded.
Some information has leaked out over the years about things that are in Columbias Iron Mountain vaults, and snippets of soundboards, like 'Idiot Wind' from 1992, turned up on the official website.

There are rumours that every show is recorded. If so, where do they go? Does Bob Dylan himself hold onto these tapes? Are they in the posssession of Columbia records?
Some of the 1964-65 setlists (actually the majority of them)on are incomplete or absent altogether, yet at least one complete 1965 soundboard (Hollywood Bowl) has turned up. We also know that the Royal Festival Hall performance in London in 1965 was officially recorded by Pye records for Columbia.
So...what's really out there? Does Columbia record every show? What 1965 performances really do exist in Columbia's vaults? Did they really master the Royal Festival Hall for possible cd release in 2004?

This is a very grey area in Bob Dylan's recording history, and one not properly documented by the maticulous work of the Heylins of the Dylan world.

The idea is to 'eventually' produce a small book(let) of some kind if enough material is forthcoming.

Any stories, rumours, inside knowledge, or more importantly, taped evidence is greatly recieved. Drop me an email - here

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