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Sunday, 19 April 2015

2015 update

I've been off of the site for a LONG time (mainly because I forgot my password) so there are a few updates coming.

Regarding some of the earlier blog entries, you may notice that several of the items listed have now come into circulation, and mainly due to the changes in copyright law that came into effect in 2012 (see this blog entry) rahter than the more 'traditional' method of a leak. This seems to be the way things happen now, and I'm sure nobody has any particular complaints. The main point of being an enthusiast or collector or fan or whatever you wish to call it, is that you enjoy LISTENING to the music, and hearing something new is always welcome, offically or unoffically.

Since my last stint of blogging (2012!) we've seen the following released:

- Isle Of Wight 1969 Soundboard (official, as part of 'The Bootleg Series 10' Deluxe Edition)

- Royal Festival Hall 1964 Soundboard (Official, as part of the 'Copyright Extension' collection for 1964)

- (More or less) Everything from The Basement Tapes (Bootleg Series 11)

which were all featured on this blog, as well as other stuff such the 1964 Eric Von Schmitt tape.

There's still plenty in the vaults though, and I will try to continue to note any informatino that comes my way in the future...

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