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Sunday, 26 September 2010

"Holy Grail" list

What's the stuff that you'd like to see 'out there'...? Here's my list:

1. Royal Festival Hall 1964 - known soundboard recording mastered under supervision from Jeff Rosen in 2006

2. Isle Of Wight 1969 - Complete soundboard and / or DVD/ Blu-Ray release

3. Montreal 1975 - bits and pieces of audio/video circulate- A DVD WOULD BE GOOD....

4. Blackbushe or Earls Court 1978 - Soundboard recording

5. Something live from 1979-1980-1981

6. Wembley 1987 - multi-tracks were recorded for a live album

7. Something from 1988 - although multi-track tapes were apprently recorded from the mixing desk onto c90 cassettes

8. Supper Club 1993 Blue-Ray / DVD/ Multi cd set - PLEASE RELEASE ALL 4 SHOWS, NOT A MISH-MASH

9. The scrapped Bromberg Album 1992

10. Oxnard 1996 "Time Out Of Mind" - first version of the album which was scrapped.

There's a few other odd bits and pieces that would be nice to see...that 1965 Newport workshop film of Bob Dylan doing an acoustic 'Tombstone Blues'...

Thursday, 23 September 2010

Discovering the Bob Dylan at Brandeis Tape

Interesting story about the Brandis recording that was recently discovered, at to the eternal credit of Bob's record company, put out as a bonus cd with the Mono box set -

There's been some debate about the date of this show, but here's the poster for the event -

The article also mentions that a recording of an Austin 1966 press conference was also discovered. This is not presently circulating.

A small pro-shot clip was shown on ABC local TV San Francisco on Wednesday, August 25th 2010 (or possibly the night before) showing a rehearsal from the Supper Club November 1993 shows. It was part of a news report for the upcoming Warfield Theatre show.

The clip is still currently online -

Actually this is an old clip, in that it's been seen before. It is indeed from the Supper Club rehearsals, which means they were also recorded -

From 'Tangled Up In Tapes' 1994 ed., page 136:


A fragment of tape from The Supper Club rehearsals is televised on November 16th on a local New York newscast.

Oxnard 'Time Out Of Mind' sessions

As discussed in Clinton Heylin's 'Still On the Road'....seems like there was an earlier version of the album recorded before the January 1997 sessions at Criteria.

September 1996 Oxnard, CA seems to have produced initial recordings of the following, none of which are on the released album:

Dirt Road Blues

Can't Wait



All I Ever Loved Is You

Dreamin' Of You

Million Miles

Not Dark Yet

Red River Shore

Standing In The Doorway

Only 2 of these: the Bootleg Series 8, disc 3 version of 'Mississippi' with the different lyrics, and 'Can't Wait' from disc 1 are from the Oxnard TOOM.

All the others remain unheard.

Tape please!!!!