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Sunday, 26 September 2010

"Holy Grail" list

What's the stuff that you'd like to see 'out there'...? Here's my list:

1. Royal Festival Hall 1964 - known soundboard recording mastered under supervision from Jeff Rosen in 2006

2. Isle Of Wight 1969 - Complete soundboard and / or DVD/ Blu-Ray release

3. Montreal 1975 - bits and pieces of audio/video circulate- A DVD WOULD BE GOOD....

4. Blackbushe or Earls Court 1978 - Soundboard recording

5. Something live from 1979-1980-1981

6. Wembley 1987 - multi-tracks were recorded for a live album

7. Something from 1988 - although multi-track tapes were apprently recorded from the mixing desk onto c90 cassettes

8. Supper Club 1993 Blue-Ray / DVD/ Multi cd set - PLEASE RELEASE ALL 4 SHOWS, NOT A MISH-MASH

9. The scrapped Bromberg Album 1992

10. Oxnard 1996 "Time Out Of Mind" - first version of the album which was scrapped.

There's a few other odd bits and pieces that would be nice to see...that 1965 Newport workshop film of Bob Dylan doing an acoustic 'Tombstone Blues'...

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